Active Membership Benefits

Stay Current and Connected

Through collegiality, respect and increased credibility among peers and the public, AWC members value these intangible benefits that result from the personal and professional relationships they develop with one another as AWC members.

  • Online Membership Directory (Members Only)
    Connect with AWC members around the world. The AWC Membership Directory provides you with 24/7 access to networking with your peers.
  • Online Publications (Members Only)
    Remain current with AWC events and activities by reading the bimonthly Communiqué newsletter. Your copy will be e-mailed to you each month. You can also view current and past issues in the members-only area of the website. In addition, as a means to notify members of timely information and changes in AWC National and membership activities, members receive periodic issues of the AWC InfoFlash, an electronic bulletin.
  • Chapters
    Apply your leadership skills and learn more about the latest best practices in communications by making connections locally through your involvement with Student and Professional chapters in the Oklahoma City metro area.
  • Website Resources
    Utilize the Newsroom Links page for direct access to affiliated organizations, communication resources, women’s programs and expert writing references.

Advance as a Professional

Part of the mission of the AWC is to champion the advancement of professional women across all communications disciplines by recognizing excellence, professional development, and promoting leadership.

  • Be Recognized for Your Work
    Further enhance your communication and leadership skills and seek to have them celebrated through the following programs.
      • Clarion Awards
        The Clarion Awards is a renowned competition open to all communicators. It annually recognizes excellence in more than 132 communication field categories. Members can participate at reduced rates. To learn more, visit: Clarion Awards
      • National Awards
        AWC individual members are eligible for the National Awards. They include: the Matrix Award, Headliner Award, Georgina McDougal Davis Award, Lifetime Achievement Award and others. To learn more, visit: AWC Awards & Recognition
      • Certification Program for Communication Excellence
        A national certification program designed to recognize excellence in all areas of communications has been developed by the AWC Matrix Foundation, a non-profit organization which conducts educational and charitable projects in cooperation with the AWC. The program has been approved by the national AWC Board of Directors and endorsed by the University of Washington, School of Communications.
      • To learn more, contact: AWC Matrix Foundation
  • Find a New Job
    Investigate or expand your career options by using the newly released online AWC Job Board. Peruse more than 300 position postings for jobs in a variety of communications fields. Set up a Job Alert notifying you by e-mail with opportunities of new jobs which match your search criteria and post an anonymous resume that will enable you to list your experience and qualifications in a protected environment. AWC member employers are eligible to receive the member rate for posting jobs.

Save Time and Money

The AWC partners with several companies to provide AWC members with professional benefits that can make a positive difference in their personal and professional lives.

  • Car Rental Discounts
    The Hertz-AWC discount CDP# 0114705 is the key to great savings. Visit Association/Group Programs for Hertz reservations, services and special offers. For phone reservations, call Hertz at 1-800-654-2200. Be sure to include the AWC CDP#0114705 code on all of your reservations.
  • Conference Calling Service
    AWC has partnered with The Conference Group to offer a full range of audio conferencing service options for members. All are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
      • “Low Touch” at $.07 per minute
        Reservationless option
        Internet-scheduled reservations
        No operator assistance; separate toll-free number provided for help
      • “Medium Touch” at $.11 per minute
        Internet-scheduled reservations
        Operator-assistance via *0
      • “High Touch” at $.13 per minute
        Reservationist scheduling
        Full-time, dedicated operator option
      • The Conference Group can support as many people or sites as needed. To set up your account, please contact Brian Sheehy at:
          • Toll-free Phone: 1-877-716-8255 ext. 8272
          • Cellular Phone: 302-540-8742
          • E-mail: Brian Sheehy
          • If he is unavailable when you contact him, Brian will get back to you ASAP.
  • Penny Wise Office Products
    Penny Wise Office Products offers brand name office products at discounted member rates, toll-free ordering, fast and free delivery ($45 minimum order) and hassle-free returns. Benefits of this AWC partnership include providing:
      • More than 40,000 brand name office supplies at the lowest prices, guaranteed! While no company can guarantee its prices are the lowest on every product everyday, our AWC contract assures members the lowest price available. Here’s how: If you buy a product from Penny Wise and then see it advertised for less elsewhere, simply send the ad to Penny Wise within 30 days and receive a credit for the difference. You can’t ask for more!
      • Fast service: FREE Next Day Delivery on your order of $45 or more
      • An additional 3% discount on all online orders. This discount is automatically calculated when you complete your order!
      • To set up your account, contact Penny Wise at 1-800-942-3311, or visit: Be sure to mention your AWC membership or enter the WCO savings code for the AWC account, online.

Membership Categories

Corporate Membership

  • Classic Corporate Dues: $995 per year; $150 application fee
  • Signature Corporate Dues: $1895 per year; $250 application fee
  • Requirements: Open to professionals currently employed in communications disciplines or who hold a communications degree. Corporate memberships must be purchased at either the Classic (3 members) or Signature (5 members) level. Applications must be coordinated through a single contact who will receive renewal invoices and make sure the contact information for each remains up to date. Chapter dues are charged separately.

Executive Communicator

  • Dues: $189 per year; $50 application fee
  • Requirements: Open to professionals in communications disciplines with ten years or more experience who are serving in an executive, managerial or senior position.

Professional Communicator

  • Dues: $129 per year; $50 application fee
  • Requirements: Open to professionals currently employed in communications disciplines or who hold a communications degree.

Entrepreneur Communicator

  • Dues: $114 per year; $50 application fee
  • Requirements: Open to free-lancers or consultants in a communications discipline who are self-employed and have no employees.

Retired Communicator

  • Dues: $34 per year; no application fee
  • Requirements: Open to retired communications professionals, age 62 or older (work less than 20 hours per week) or age 72 or older regardless of employment status.

Faculty Advisor

  • Dues: $0 Complimentary Membership
  • Requirements: Open to any faculty members of an accredited college or university who serves as the official advisor to a chartered and active student AWC chapter. Faculty Advisor members must meet the other guidelines for AWC Professional membership.

New Graduate

  • Dues: $34 per year; no application fee
  • Requirements: Open to women or men who graduated in the past year, and demonstrate a commitment to a communications career. Only applicable to college graduates who have graduated in the past 12 months. Graduation date and school name are required for validation.


  • Dues: $34 per year; no application fee
  • Requirements: Open to women or men working full-time toward a degree (undergraduate or graduate) and demonstrate a commitment to a communications career. Expected graduation date and school name are required for validation.

Contact Kimberly Cope for more information about membership opportunities with AWC, click here to join now online.

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